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The Trigger Elements of Content Popularity You Need to Know

Creating content that is popular is the desire of content writers, the popularity of the content is evidenced by the number of people or internet users who know the content. You can also use SEO Services Singapore to optimize your website. To make a content popular, there are some elements that trigger popularity you should know about:

1. Content Distribution
The first element that can trigger the popularity of content is the distribution (introducing) content that you create to others. There are many social media platforms that you can use. Like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Not only that but now some chat media also provide a feature “story” that is useful for sharing stories to many people, such as WhatsApp or line.

2. Having Popular Topics
Using a popular topic will also help the popularity of your content increase. This is because you are able to create content that is hot (much) discussed by others. To make a topic popular, there are 5 ways you can do:

Join various forums and Facebook groups.
Look for inspiration from other websites.
Use Quora.
Use Google Trends.
Or you can also look for inspiration for popular topics on Pinterest.

3. Easy to remember
Popular content is also content that is easily remembered by many people. They prefer to read content that is easy to remember, rather than linger reading content and then forget the contents of the content. Therefore, when you create content that is easy to remember, many other people will like to read your content.

4. Engaging
Engaging content will also trigger the popularity of content. Engaging content is content that contains a new perspective, knowledge and provides useful and inspiring readers. With content that is engaging, it will usually cause a “reaction” from many people. The reaction can usually be seen from the many positive comments from readers.

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