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About Me

Hi My name is Campoli Ardith and I am the founder, owner and editor at Southern Cameroons, you are visiting a website that contains news, tutorials, and guides for creating a website.
In addition to personal needs, you can also find needs for company or group websites.

Help to create a website
Difficulties can arise when creating a website and many factors can make it happen, but don’t worry because we are ready to help you to create a website.
Learning is a process that must be enjoyed and lived. So if there are difficulties, think of it as a challenge that is part of the process.
Believe all there is a way out You must be sure you can do it! We can help you and send us an email about the difficulties you have in the process of making a website.
Before sending us an email there are important things you need to know:

Read and Follow
Many of the readers of this website might be lazy to read, but believe the article how to create a website is made very simple and easy to understand so you need to read it to the end.
The car will not turn if only turn the steering wheel, first turn the gas!!!
So the important thing is practice first, be the website !!
It means you have to move/act/ take action! Only then can you see the results, so it is very important to follow the recommended steps so you can see for yourself how the results are.
All must have challenges but don’t worry we can solve the problem together, so send us an email specifically if you need to send supporting pictures so the settlement process can be resolved quickly.

How much does the consultation cost?
We do not charge a penny, this is a guide on how to create a website that I provide for free.
You only need to register your email in the form below and then email me.
Important! We read every email that comes in every day, we will reply to you.
Note! Please enter our email into your contact address, so that my email replies always enter the inbox and not spam.
Is it only via email do you help me?
NO, depending on the level of difficulty and if necessary, I will provide remote computer assistance such as using a team viewer.

Why do us give free assistance?
We understand that there is no such thing as free nowadays, but we just want to convey the fact that in the current era making websites is very easy.
But many people put up quite fantastic rates for website creation services, even though “they” made their websites using the WordPress platform exactly as we teach you.
Why not if you make it yourself?