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Career For Worker From Outside The UK

Obtaining a UK work visa is not easy, and requires a long procedure and you have to pass the learn more. However, if by chance you have expertise in a field that lacks professional labor in the UK, you might be facilitated in terms of work visas. The British Government publishes a list of occupations that lack a professional workforce from the UK, and thus require workers from outside to work in these fields. This list is updated every year. Here are some of the fields included in the latest list:

1. Professional Medical Personnel
Medical practitioners, especially those who work in emergency medicine, are professions that still lack labor in the UK. Professionals such as gynecologists, pediatricians, anesthetists, and midwifery offer significant job openings. Besides, the field of radiography, especially professionals in the field of nuclear medicine, paramedics, and nurses who specialize in neonatal intensive care units are also included in the list.

2. Middle School Teachers for Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry
Although this field still lacks manpower, the British Government still wants to maintain the quality of their country’s education. Foreign workers who want a career in this field must complete accredited training to be able to teach in English secondary schools. Except, if you have participated in training programs in the EU, Australia, Canada, New Zealand or America.

3. Engineer
The Oil and Gas Industry in the UK requires many mechanical, electrical and civil engineering engineers. Beyond that, there are also positions of senior mining engineers and construction engineers such as tunneling engineers and geotechnical engineers. Electronic Engineers are also required in the locomotive and automotive design and manufacturing industry.

4. Software Developer
Expert software developers or software developers are increasingly needed due to the increasing demand for software. Vacancies that often lack manpower are game designers, visual effects animators and 2D/3D computer animators for the film, TV, video game and computer graphics industries. 2D/3D supervisors, graphic designers for visual effects, compositing artists, matte painter, and riggers are also included in the shortage of jobs in the UK.

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