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Running a business online cannot be done easily. Business owners must be skilled in attracting the attention of internet users so that they are interested in the business being run. To attract internet users, business people don’t just have to sell goods or services that internet users want. They must complement their content with quality writing so that internet users feel moved by the business that is run by content owners. Because not all business people can process word well for the business they run, the businessman needs the services of a content writer to create quality writing. Due to a large number of people doing business online, the demand for freelance content writer services has also increased dramatically. As a result, freelance content writers will get income from writing that they created.

Although being a freelance content writer can bring income, there are some challenges that the content writer will later face. Many people think that the profession of a freelance content writer is a strange profession. The strange assumption of the job even comes from the closest people. They consider that the profession as a content writer is not worth doing. This assumption can certainly make freelance content writers feel inferior. Because of this inferiority complex, a freelance content writer will sometimes not be honest about the work he is doing. If this inferiority complex cannot be eliminated, a freelance content writer will not produce quality writing. The least expected is the desire to no longer be a freelance content writer.

Another challenge that a freelance content writer will face is uncertain income. The income of a freelance content writer is uncertain. Income to be obtained by a freelance content writer depends on requests from users of the writer’s services. If in one month there are many requests to make writing, a freelance content writer will get a large amount of income. Conversely, if in that month the content writer does not get a lot of work, freelance content writers will get a small amount of income.

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