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5 Simple Tips For Choosing Headphones That Are Not Just For Style

Many shops sell headphones with very stylish models. However, choosing headphones that dont leak sound as a device and at the same time, a loyal friend for your music collection should not be arbitrary. Therefore, special tips are needed to find headphones that suit individual tastes and not just for style.

The following are five simple but very important tips for choosing headphones, to get a very satisfying experience when used.

1. Adjust to the budget
Quality is number one! However, if you have only mediocre money, you don’t have to force your will. There are many headphones in the low-medium price range with good quality.

For example, you have found headphones with first-class quality, but, on the other hand, want to look stylish with diamonds. Don’t force it, because it doesn’t matter.

2. Match your personality and style
As of the publication of this article, apart from additional features such as Bluetooth or wireless, there are three types of headphones on the market. Namely, In-Ear (enters the ear), Earbuds (attached to the ear), and Over-Ear (covers the entire ear). Choose according to your needs and of course, that is comfortable when used.

3. What are the headphones used for?
For example, adjust to your favorite music taste. If you like hip-hop or metal music, then choose headphones with a warm type (the output is more bassy). If you like classic rock music, choose bright headphones (the treble output tends to be loud), or the natural type (balanced bass and treble).

4. Find out the specifications of the headphones you want to buy
Don’t forget to check the specifications of the headphones to be purchased. Because, if you don’t pay attention to the specifications of the headphones, the output (sound) produced is not as expected. Simply put, pay special “attention” to the frequency, impedance, and sensitivity specifications of a headphone.
A good frequency is between 6000 Hz – 28000 Hz (the bigger the frequency range, the better the sound). Impedance can be adjusted according to taste, usually, headphones have impedance > 32 Ohms. And a good sensitivity is < 85 dB (deciBel), but the most widely sold in the market is > 100 dB.

5. Buy at the official store
Many regret buying headphones, not at the official store. For example, in the black market, the seller is not clear and the online shop. It’s different if you buy it at an official store, even though it is a little more expensive, you will get more benefits, namely a guaranteed guarantee.

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