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Proper Instagram Marketing Strategy

If used properly, a marketing strategy using Instagram can give good results as you can see at Kundentests. Because currently, Instagram is one of the social media that is being used by many people in the world. In addition, you also need to make sure that the content on Instagram is of quality and can attract the attention of many people. If people sense inquisitive and feel the usefulness of your Instagram account then that someone can shift into a customer.

Marketing is a series of activities to create, deliver, and offer something to customers, clients, relations, and society at large. Instagram has become a marketing tool where businesses can greet and communicate with their customers. Instagram is a social media that is different from other social media, where Instagram is a place where brands can do marketing by applying visual-based strategies, where one photo can provide more information through words.

Although other social media such as Facebook and Twitter provide photo albums, Instagram can be said to be more effective in this strategy. This is because Instagram’s character is focused on photos, so they provide better features than other social media. Not only making an attractive Instagram feed but there are also other ways you can do it as a marketing strategy.

A business account on Instagram will make it easier for potential customers to see your account. In addition, business accounts will also look more professional. If earlier the account was private, it is more reasonable to switch it to public. Because people will find it easier if they want to see posts on their account without any obstacles.

After switching to a business account, you should also be able to optimize the account. Some ways that can be done are choosing an easily recognizable username, using a brand profile photo, and including an informative and interesting bio. When you use an easily recognizable username, people won’t have a hard time remembering the name. At the end of the bio, you can also add a CTA or Call to Action, for example, the words “Click to enjoy the offer!”. Don’t forget to include a link under the CTA that relates to the CTA writing.

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