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The Reason Why People Commit Crime

The crime rate continues to increase every day even though the government has taken so many precautions. The legal defense team is one of the right lawyers who can help you in solving legal problems. Competition in business that makes people excluded resulted in people having to do various ways to win in this competition. There are also many reasons why people commit crimes. Despite the huge improvements that have been made in the safety and security department, this does not scare criminals. In this article, we will discuss the reasons or motives of people to commit crimes. The following are common reasons for committing crimes.

Poverty. This is one reason that often happens why people commit crimes. Economic shortages as the main instigator in committing crimes. There are several countries where economic plunder is rampant, and this makes it imperative for people to commit criminal acts. Poor economic conditions such as hunger are things that make them have to commit crimes. Moreover, if the person is unemployed and does not have a job, they will often be frustrated. It also encourages people to commit criminal acts. Next is because of the influence of the environment.

Many young people today commit crimes because they imitate their friends when they do it. In this case, it becomes common for high school students and even students to be involved in consuming drugs. It is this young age that still has a narrow mind that causes many people to make mistakes and even occult can occur because of this illegal drug. So you have to be more careful in looking for friendship because when your friendship environment is bad then you will also be dragged to do badly. Someone who is addicted to drugs will not be aware of what they do. Besides, if you have been addicted, it will be difficult to eliminate and the consequences will be bad for those who consume them and for those around them. Many criminals, if questioned about the crimes they have committed, they will blame drugs as the main reason.

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