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You Must Know These Tips To Choose A Grill Equipment

Are you preparing to have a BBQ party with friends? The grill includes one that can’t be missed at that moment. Some people feel confused when choosing a grill because there are indeed several types of grills from electric, charcoal, or gas fuels. Of all these tools there are definitely advantages and disadvantages of each, so you must be truly selective when you choose a grill. Meanwhile, you may want to call if you’re too busy to clean your own grill by yourself.

There’s no need to worry because here we will share Tips for Choosing a Grill for a BBQ Party so that it can be a consideration for you before deciding a grill to buy. Here are the tips for you:

1. Charcoal grill

A charcoal grill can be said to be very popular because the price is very friendly. In addition, this type of grill gives a fragrant aroma to the cooked ingredients. However, the disadvantage of this tool is that it takes you a long time to make the embers first and the burning time is also much longer.

2. Grill Pan

This model of the grill is not too expensive and the way to cook it is easier because it uses a gas stove. So embers of fire are produced from the rotating middle plate. Although fast, the results of the dishes are generally less tasty than using charcoal grills.

3. Electric grill

Electric grills have a fairly expensive price, but the results are certainly decent for a much easier grilling process. It’s because you don’t have to bother making coals, fanning, or turning food. Simply plug in the electricity, set the time, then grill. However, the results of cooking are of course still less tasty than a manual grill.

4. Granito stone grill

This grill is made from granite stone which functions as charcoal. The use of granite is very practical, easy, and certainly does not endanger your food. You can grill various ingredients, including sausages, satay, bread, fish and so on. How to use it is almost the same as a grill pan, which uses a gas stove.

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