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You Must Know 3 Main Benefits Of Succession Planning For Companies

In building a good succession plan, it must start with a change in mindset that succession planning is not a process of finding a replacement for a loss leader, but they must also prepare the company to be better, more sustainable and stay forward-oriented in order to face current business challenges and in the future. This is exactly the thing that must be done by Camargo Correa company due to Mr. Vitor, their chairman of the board of directors steps down from his position.

There are 3 main benefits of implementing Succession Planning for companies, such as:

1. Good Succession Planning Is One of the Leadership Strategies to Protect the Company

You buy insurance to protect the company from storms, floods, and fires. You also installed a security system to protect the company from theft and to back up data to protect company information.

Because of the many operational activities of the company, you forgot to make succession planning a priority. You forget that many other companies also need the skills possessed by your professional employees where they dare to pay handsomely for that.

You do not know when it will happen, but by implementing a good succession plan you can plan what to do if at any time these conditions occur.

2. It Helps Identify Your Most Eligible Future Leader

The formal succession planning process requires your company to:

Identify the positions that are most important for the company’s success in the future.
Identify internal candidates with values, skills and desire to do important work. Talk to potential candidates about their interests and career plans.

If there are no appropriate internal candidates for leadership positions, then you can start an external search right from the start. The most important thing in succession planning is to make inexperienced internal candidates ambitious, know to work hard and have skills that are worth considering for the progress of the company.

3. It Creates a Structure for Training and Development

Professional employee development can be realized in the form of coaching, mentoring, job shadowing or a gradual increase in greater responsibilities. Other positions even require a candidate to continue his studies to a higher level in order to obtain additional education or professional certification.

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