Geneura Uncategorized You Can Try These Minimalist Gate Designs To Improve Your Minimalist House Exterior

You Can Try These Minimalist Gate Designs To Improve Your Minimalist House Exterior

For those of you who want a house with good protection. Minimalist gate designs from concrete and iron materials can be used. You can also add a carport in front of the gate for vehicle safety from hot and cold weather. Use paint that matches the exterior of your home, such as black and white. Meanwhile, you may also consider installing home electric gates if you want more convenience and safety when you want to drive your car.

Then, if you like a simple, but still elegant gate design, you can use this model. This gate is made of iron which is not too high but is perfect for all exterior designs of your home.

Aside from that, does your house have two floors and have several motorized vehicles that must be parked in front of the house? The high gate model made of concrete and iron is perfect for the security of your home. The gate is designed right in front of the garage which is very easy for your vehicle to pass. In addition, you can use the space in front of the concrete gate as a minimalist garden. You can also add a small pond as an additional decoration.

Next, if you have a minimalist house with limited land and a front porch that has a carport installed? This gate is worth a try. The transparent carport with a black frame fits perfectly with the tall vertical iron gate. Besides being simple, this gate is also strong and can be the security of your vehicle.

Furthermore, for those of you who have a classic house model with natural nuances, it is very suitable for a gate made of wood. The wood that you can use is teak which is famous for its good quality. You can give it a dark brown colour to add a classic and natural impression.

Finally, the tall gate with a checkered design connected by a high canopy is perfect for your small home. This gate is also highly recommended for homes with uneven land contours. You can attach wheels to this gate to make sliding it easier.

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