Geneura Uncategorized You Can Try These Marketing Strategies To Sell Hijab And Muslim Women Clothing

You Can Try These Marketing Strategies To Sell Hijab And Muslim Women Clothing

In order to market the hijab, you should first do a survey. The survey was conducted with the aim of obtaining information such as market tastes, hijab trends model development, and so on. The survey can be done simply, for example by asking people around, observing the style, conducting surveys with the help of the internet. That way the hijab you will sell is the present hijab or jilbab abaya that consumers need and want. If you do not do a survey, it is feared that the hijab offered is an old-style hijab that is not much in demand.

Make a Brand

Brand names can also be a strategy for marketing. Make a brand name or store name that is unique and easily remembered by buyers. So when the buyer tells of his experience using hijab products you can immediately mention your brand. In addition, each product should also be given to your brand so that others can see from the people who use it.

Choose Strategic Places

This strategic place will be very influential if your hijab business is done offline. You can choose a crowded place, such as a market, near a university or campus. Do not choose a place to sell in a quiet area, although usually the rent is lower but your income potential will also be small.

Pay attention to the quality & price

The next marketing strategy is to set prices according to the quality of your hijab. If the quality of the hijab product is good, then you can set a high price. However, if the quality of the hijab is not too good then give a low price. Do not set high prices with low quality. This is because it can hamper the development of your business. Now consumers are getting smarter so give competitive prices. Remember, your competitors are also many, it will be very easy for consumers to choose it. So that consumers or buyers do not disappear, then provide competitive prices and products.

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