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You Can Find These Type of Kitchen Equipment in a Restaurant

Glassware is a type of restaurant equipment and supplies made of neutral or colorful colored glass. This glass apparatus has a higher risk of breaking compared to other materials, given its harsh nature. Apart from that, glass equipment looks better and elegant when used or only placed on the presentation table. Moreover, if the glass used is transparent and transparent, thus adding its own aesthetic value to the equipment. You can get kitchen equipment by visiting our website.

Most equipment in restaurants made of glass is glass with a variety of shapes and functions. The types include special glasses for white wine or often referred to like a white wine glass, glasses for red wine or red wine glass, and glasses for ordinary white water drinks in general or water goblets. In addition, there are still many glasses made of glass such as glasses for juice drinks, glasses for beer, special glasses for cocktails, and so on. Usually, these glasses have different designs or shapes and sizes according to their benefits.

Besides glassware, in the kitchen in the restaurant, you can also find the stationary. Stationary is a type of restaurant equipment in the form of paper or out of other stationery. Precisely this is additional equipment or support to reduce the appearance that is too simple to beautify it. Like other places to eat, in the restaurant, there must also be tissue either for the base of the soup cup or saucer or just to wipe something for the customer. Usually, the type of tissue used for these two functions is different, where the first tends to be rougher and the second more refined.

There is also linen. Linen is a restaurant equipment and supplies made of fabric. This type of equipment generally serves to protect and protect the table from being dirty. Among the equipment includes a table mat, a special dining bucket for guests or guest napkin, napkins for wiping equipment and a heat barrier or service cloth.

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