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You Can Do These Tricks To Maintain Your Knives Well

When cooking, you need to cut or slice the ingredients and the tool used of course is a knife. As the most commonly used tool, knives require maintenance to stay durable and do not rust easily. However, you need to be careful when cleaning because otherwise, the hand will hurt. You have to be able to master how to care for it properly because there are several types of knives that require different treatments depending on the material to aits shape. In the meantime, if you want to find excellent Japanese knives, we recommend you to read some of the Kamikoto reviews.

For those who still do not understand how to treat it, let’s refer to these tricks below:

Store it in a Special Container

How to care for a kitchen knife in the house is to store it in a special container. The container is usually given a bulkhead so that the knives won’t scratch each other. Placing in a special container with a bulkhead is also safer because there is a cover that serves to protect the blade from direct hand contact so it is not easily scratched.

Avoid submerging the knife

When we want to do the dishes we will usually soak them first. This method can be done by any kitchen furniture but not for knives. The knife washing process must be done carefully and quickly, so no need to soak the water for too long.

It aims to avoid the occurrence of rust and also patches of water attached to the knife. After washing thoroughly, wipe the knife directly using a soft dry cloth before placing it in the container. Do not let the water remaining on the knife.

Sharpen the Knife Routinely

The more often the knife is used the faster it will get blunt. Therefore you must be diligent in sharpening it so that it is always sharp. Imagine if you want to make a spicy cob fish, but when cutting the fish feels difficult that means the knife you are using is blunt.

In the process of sharpening also has its own techniques. To be able to produce perfect sharpness, the position of the knife with a sharpening tool must form 20 degrees. Sharpening it regularly can also avoid rust on the knife.

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