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Why You Need A Good Script

In a play or drama production, a script is an important and mandatory part. Therefore, the role of screenwriters in a film, drama, and play performance will usually be prioritized in the production process. The script itself can be briefly understood as a plan sheet, in which it contains the design and character structure and storyline of a play, drama, and film. There are many scripts that you could find here from Shakespeare, Dickens, or Monologues from women in the Bible.

Being an important part of the production and play performances, the script certainly has its functions. So what are the functions of the script? The first function is that the script serves as the main guideline in play performances, meaning that without a passage there will be no story so that play production cannot be carried out. Therefore, the script becomes the core and guide in a play performance. Where the script will also be a reference so that play performances can run well, so there are criteria for the feasibility of the manuscript in its publishing and play performances. As a uniting element of play performance. The script also functions as a uniting element of the show expected to be arranged neatly and structured. Some examples of elements of play performances such as; the names of the players and staff, setting, atmosphere, costumes, to the character’s characters, and so forth.

Therefore, before the script is used it will go through several editing processes, where there are several purposes for editing drama or play scripts. This function is also the reason why the script becomes the main guideline in play performances. As a guide for the figures. Basically, the script will contain scenes that will be played by selected characters who have been arranged in detail. This function itself aims to make the characters have the same main purpose by the storyline in the story show. The script is also used as a tool for conversation or interpersonal communication as well as a means for the characters to be able to understand and explore each other’s roles more easily.

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