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Why Invest in Gold?

Gold or precious metals is an alternative form of liquid investment that is very popular.
Why do many people consider gold or precious metals as an investment instrument?
This is because gold has several general advantages, including:
1. Gold is usually liquid and not easily eroded by inflation.
2. Gold or precious metals prices tend to be stable and even go up.
3. Gold is not easily damaged and is easily stored, for example in the case of floods or fires, gold is safer than cash.

There is indeed a possibility of a decline in the price of gold, investment is always a risk and there are price fluctuations.
But in the long run, gold is considered safer because, as property, gold is also increasingly scarce.
This scarcity will cause the price of gold will continue to rise.
According to logic, wherewith constant demand and decreasing supply, the price of an object will increase.
Gold investment, it sounds scary but in fact, is quite simple.
Buy on a budget when the price is low, and sell when the price rises. It’s that simple the key.
But if you are also interested in investing in gold, you can learn the basic guidelines through gold investment ebooks from various sources on the internet.
Calculating the Benefits of a Gold Investment
Many often ask about the calculation of gold investment, and how to manage it so that the gold investment profit can be felt.
The way to calculate the benefits of gold investment is very simple.
You only need to calculate how much money you have to spend to buy the gold and compare it to the money you will receive if you sell it now.
The difference is your profit or loss.
For example: On April 1, 2018, you bought 10 gram LM Gold at USD 39.6 per gram.
Then on July 1, 2018, you returned to buy 5 gram LM Gold for USD 40 per gram.
If today (2019), the price of 1 gram LM gold is USD 41.3 (sell) and USD 40.9 (buy), do you make a profit or loss?

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