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What To Consider In Driving ATV

Holiday in Bali often associated with sunsets, beach or even the nightlife. However, if you want to enjoy the natural view of Bali, you need to try the bali atv tour. Driving ATV or All-Terrain Vehicle offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy nature and the view of the rural area of Bali. But for you who seek adrenaline, this sport could also be a good option because it will not be easy to drive this particular vehicle trough the mud or river. At first glance, ATV or All-Terrain Vehicle is like a motorcycle. The seated position there is a tank that is clamped to both legs, then the handlebar is soaring most motorcycles. But this type of vehicle has some fundamental differences when driving it.

Moreover, there are now more and more out door recreation areas that provide ATV vehicles in addition to other designations as all-terrain vehicles in the agricultural and mining areas. Many consider the way it takes the same as ordinary motorbikes. Though it is different and requires adaptation first. First, make it a habit to first operate the gas is not from the casings in the handlebars, but with a lever pressed by the thumb. The beginning is usually shocking but stays calm as long as you driving then after some time you will also get used. The gas that is controlled by using thumb has to do with safety. When undesirable things occur such as falling, it can be quickly released and the gas does not open.

Then the cornering position is also important. Do not compare with a regular motorcycle which when turning right, the motor tilts to the right and the body will also lean to the right and vice versa. Driving an ATV is the opposite, when turning and the motorcycle tilts in a certain direction, the position of the body must be against the slope of the motorbike, not following. Its function is that the ATV does not reverse. For example, when turning right the vehicle will tilt to the left. Do not follow the slope to the left but leaning to the right. This treatment also applies when passing steep or uneven roads. The position of the body must always be against the tilt of the vehicle.

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