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What Experts Say: 4 Great Benefits Of Watching Movies

During this pandemic, many recommend watching movies because movies can be watched by streaming without having to go to the movies, one of the services that you can use is soap 2 day. According to experts, the film has a strong unique role in inspiring and uniting people from across the country. So, what exactly is the impact and benefits provided by the film to the audience? The following explanation.

First, the film helps us learn
From watching movies, there are many things that can be learned from certain moments. In other words, a film can form a perspective within us about how to understand the world we live in today. For example, the BlacKkKlansman film which uses footage from Trump-era rallies at the core of the film. This step positions the film as a meditation on contemporary politics.

Second, films can encourage social change
Each film has its own perspective and can lead to empathy or politically charged questions. This factor can inspire social change. According to Yale researchers, public awareness of climate change has increased since the film The Day After Tomorrow (2004). The 2013 Blackfish documentary that underlines the problem of the marine tourism industry has also closed the controversial orca event.

Third, films help us overcome difficult times
Of course, the main function of the film is to relieve stress. The film can be a safe space where we can find alternative role models to identify. Then they observe the behaviour of these characters when overcoming challenges similar to them.

Fourth, films help us appreciate art
The film is often seen as a form of entertainment, but keep in mind that film is also one of the works of art. The pros and cons of the film will be felt when watched on the first date. People will judge which films are suitable to watch in certain situations. This alone shows how people judge work.

When watching a movie, we are not only entertained. We can admire something beautiful. Learn about the world and ourselves, connect with communities, and contribute to positive social change.

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