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What Cause Problems With Air Conditioning

It can be very annoying when your AC operates normally but is not cold enough. Make sure you call a professional AC service in englewood. Problems like this are often caused by several things such as the following.

1. Decreased refrigerant pressure. To check it, follow these steps. Check the electric current and refrigerant pressure using ampere pliers, whether the electric current in the compressor and the refrigerant pressure in the system are in line with the standards set or not. Generally, the standard electric current can be seen on the nameplate of the AC unit.

Or, go through the steps of checking system pressure using the charging manifold, whether the pressure is appropriate or not. Note: when charging refrigerant, the AC unit must be in a normal condition (no problem). In addition, the evaporator, filter, and condenser fins are clean, not clogged, bent, or leaking.

2. The dew on the indoor blower is weak. For a way to fix the air conditioner not cold because of this, check the indoor blower rotation. Indoor blower gusts must meet 2 requirements. Blowing must be thorough over the entire surface. If not, check the indoor blower, whether there are broken parts or not. Not only that but it can also be caused by dirty evaporator fins so air circulation is not easy. Carry out a check, especially on the part of the indoor blower where the air gusts are not very strong.

If the evaporator fins are damaged, immediately replace them with new evaporator fins or rinse using a steam pump if the condition of the fins is very dirty. To make sure the evaporator fins are clean or not, use a flashlight to illuminate the part so that it is visible. The blower air is quite strong. If not, rinse the indoor blower using a steam pump. Or, check the condition of the indoor blower motor and capacitor, whether they are in good condition or not. If both are damaged, replace the component with the same specifications.

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