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What Are The Features Of The GPS Tracker?

Geofencing is the use of a Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite network and/or local radio frequency identifiers (such as Wi-Fi nodes or Bluetooth beacons) to create virtual boundaries around a location. Geofence or geofencing is then paired with a hardware/software application that responds to boundaries in certain ways as defined by program parameters.

Recent models of GPS trackers have many powerful features. The features offered are very helpful for users to track and monitor their vehicles. One example is the features offered by the GPS tracker as below:

Track Position In Realtime And Accurately
The accuracy of the position of the vehicle can be read in real-time and the easy tracking feature allows the vehicle to be monitored remotely from anywhere.

Travel data arranged neatly and completely
With detailed data, travel data can be arranged clearly and neatly. There is also a detailed time that displays data related to the date and time of departure or return.

Travel History Stored Up To 6 Months
Travel route records can be stored for up to 6 months.

Live Streaming Video With Support of 2 Cameras
Live streaming helps to directly monitor the conditions around the vehicle via a smartphone or website. Also equipped with two cameras that are useful for recording the front of the vehicle (road) and in the vehicle cabin with maximum recording quality because the camera has been supported by full HD 1080p quality and a rear camera of 640 * 480-night vision. All recordings can also be played back using the replay feature.

Push Notification
There is a push notification that can send an alarm via the application. There is also a warning alarm that will sound automatically to warn you about caution.

Share Location
Share location to share your location with other users, such as family and friends.

2-Way Communication
GPS tracker can be used for two-way communication with the driver via the 2-way communication feature.

Synchronize data
Ease of viewing video/photo recordings from a smartphone using only a WiFi network without having to remove the TF card from the device.

SOS Button
Can be used to send emergency alerts to drivers.

Turn off the vehicle engine via the application and website
The cut off engine feature can be used to turn on and off the vehicle engine via an application on a smartphone.

Complete Report
The speed report and mileage report features can provide a report on the speed of the vehicle and the total distance traveled in kilometers. The location and duration of vehicle stops can also be seen easily. Reports can be arranged easily because of support for export documents to Ms. Excel and print reports independently.

Complete Notification Alarm
A warning alarm in the form of Overspeed alert, power cut alert, crash alert, SOS alert, low battery alert, vibration alert, power tamper (when the GPS is disconnected from the battery / main power source because the cable is cut, unplugged, engine accident notification ON / OFF, geo-fencing (when the vehicle exits / enters a certain area), etc.

Battery Backup
When the power runs out, with a battery backup, the use of a backup battery can be done automatically.

Open API integration
Tracking systems are supported by an application programming interface that can be integrated with other programs.

Easy Internet Access
Internet wifi can be a personal hotspot. Wifi can also be used to view recorded videos without having to remove the TF card.

On-Screen Support Features
The map is displayed in full-screen mode and clearer. You can also see the location with a view up to 360 degrees through the street view feature. Traffic density can also be seen directly on the GPS screen.

Fleet Management
Track vehicles with 1 account easily and organized into tiered accounts with different authorities.

Google support
With Google Maps, GPS has used the official maps from Google and supports the Google Maps API program settings that can be adjusted easily.

Complete Guide
The GPS tracker also comes with a complete manual and installation instructions.

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