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Understanding of Hallucinogens and The Effect

Hallucinogens are actual and manmade elements that often leads people to believe that they see random colors, objects, events, and patterns that do not exist. Good hallucination experiences can be very exciting or very annoying. Many types of materials classified as a hallucinogen because of their capacity to produce these hallucinations. These substances come in the form of pills, powders, liquids, gasses, and edible plants. One of them is the ayahuasca retreat. You can visit our website to get more information.

In the body, hallucinogens excite the nerve system. Effects include dilation (widening) of the pupil of the eye, narrowing of certain arteries, and increased blood pressure. Hallucinogens have long been part of the religious rituals of various cultures throughout history. Tribal shaman ingesting hallucinogenic substances or inhaling smoke from burning substances so that experiencing hallucinations.

Was first prepared synthetically in the 1940s to remove barriers that prevent psychiatric cases. Hallucinogen derived from plants, such as cactus peyote, has used the indigenous groups of Mexico for several hundred years for religious activities and entertainment. Hallucinogens also knew as psychedelics act on the central nervous system to make meaningful changes and often radical in the state of consciousness; they may also disrupt the feeling of reality, time and emotions of the user.

Hallucinogens have altered the sensation of hearing and vision. In addition, both these sensations may intersect; for example, listening to music can lead to the appearance of the colors, which will move along with the music. The greatest danger of this drug is psychological effects and impaired judgment, which could lead to accidents or make the wrong decision. For example, a user could hallucinogenic thinks that he can fly, even to jump out of the window to prove it, so there was severe injury or death.

Hallucinogen stimulates the brain. The effect may depend on the mood and place users consume hallucinogens. For example, users who before swallowing the drug has been depressed, tend to feel worse after ingesting hallucinogens. A person who is under the influence of hallucinogens (LSD usually), could experience tremendous anxiety and start to panic so that the ‘journey hallucination’ becomes unpleasant.

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