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Treat Your Penis with the Right Way

The penis is a vital organ of men. Caring for the penis is important, not only for the health of the male reproductive organs but also for partner satisfaction. There are various ways to treat penis health, one of it is using best male enlargement pills. Here are some ways to treat a penis that you can do.

It is recommended to make erections regularly. Erection or hardening of the penis because it is filled with blood, can nourish the penis. This is because the smooth muscle in the penis will get abundant oxygen from the blood. In addition, regular erections can also maintain a normal penis shape. Conversely, if you experience fewer erections on a regular basis, the size of the penis can risk becoming shorter 1-2 cm. This condition occurs because the penis tissue becomes less elastic and shrinks.

Men can experience several erections at night or during the day. Erections can occur without prior stimulation. If during the day a man does not experience an erection at all, the brain will help him to get an erection at night. Stimulation of the brain for erections usually comes during the dreaming phase of sleep. Whatever your dreams are at night, an erection will still occur. However, men who are diabetic tend to have problems with an erection, so further doctor examinations are needed.

Maintaining cleanliness can be said to be the core of how to care for the penis. There are several steps you can take to keep your penis clean and healthy.

When bathing, wash the penis using warm water. Do it every day. Don’t forget to dry it with a clean tissue or towel, both after bathing and after urinating.
It’s best not to use too much soap on the penis because it can irritate the skin of the penis.
Gently rub the head of the penis to clean it from the buildup of smegma. Basically, smegma is a natural lubricant on the head and skin folds of the penis. However, the buildup of smegma can trigger the development of bacteria and invite infection in the penis.

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