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Travelers Must Know How To Avoid Dangers When Traveling In Mexico

When you travel in Mexico, as much as possible do not go alone, especially at night, either by private transportation or public transportation. Mexico City is an amazing place to visit. Lots of interesting places but some places are not safe to go alone. If you have to travel at night, go with friends. You certainly don’t want to cross paths or get caught in a fight between street gangs, right? Apart from that, before we proceed, we suggest you visit to know more information about Mexico.

In addition, if you use public transportation, as a tip, increase your vigilance. The public transportation system in Mexico is diverse, affordable, and efficient, such as the Metro (subway), buses, bicycles (Ecobici) for hire, and taxis. However, it is advisable to use the bus only during the day as pickpockets and hijackers usually operate at night.

It is also necessary to be careful if the buses are driven by ordinary roads (libre) and not toll roads because (cuotas) because crime on ordinary roads is quite high. If possible, use premier class buses to ensure more safety.

The safest taxis are sitio taxis (Radio Taxi) which can only be ordered at the taxi rank in front of supermarkets, shopping centers, or main roads. It would be safer to use an online taxi (Uber) than a regular taxi or on foot.

While Mexico City is relatively safe, you need to avoid some places that are not highly recommended for your safety. Tepito, is one of them. A black market, Tepito has a bad reputation for security.

Located slightly outside the city center (Centro Histórico/ Zocalo), this place looks like a shock market at first glance. Many vendors sell along the road in Tepito.

According to residents, Tepito is a frequent area for selling illegal drugs and weapons. If only Mexico City residents aren’t going to Tepito, then as a visitor, you should avoid this place so as not to become a target for pickpockets and robbers.

Also, if it’s not necessary, avoid traveling to some countries near/bordering Mexico City. Reporting from Dailymail, in early 2018, the United States State Department set five Mexican states on a travel warning because they were considered as dangerous as Yemen, Syria, and Afghanistan.

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