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Tips To Avoid Crime

Criminality comes from the word “crimen” which means crime. Crime or criminal acts are all kinds of actions and actions that are economically and psychologically detrimental that violate the laws in force in the Indonesian state and social and religious norms. The perpetrator of a crime is called a criminal. Usually, what has considered a criminal is a thief, murderer, robber, or terrorist. The threat of crime looms over society, especially during a pandemic like now. If you are facing this case, you can trust Law Offices of Gary L. Rohlwing. In order to avoid crime, here are some tips that I have summarized from various sources:

1. Avoid using jewelry
The jewelry we wear can provoke people to do evil. It would be better if we leave the house choosing not to wear jewelry.

2. Choose a busy street
Criminals will be freer to carry out their actions in a quiet place. If the position is lonely, the victim is alone so that he becomes an easy target for crime.

3. Avoid vulnerable areas
Criminals usually have several favorite areas to commit crimes. It could be that the place is quiet, lacking light and people rarely go through it. Avoid such road conditions.

4. Learn self-defense exercises
Learning martial arts training or taking courses can help us to protect ourselves from crime. Even so, we still have to be alert to the threat of crime.

5. Bring an eye spray kit
This tool is useful for holding criminal actions if they happen to us. We can immediately spray this tool on criminals so that the perpetrators become helpless.

6. Avoid going alone
This makes it easier for criminals to carry out the action because the victim does not have friends who can help. Criminals will also need a more complex crime strategy if the target is people who leave in groups rather than those who go alone.

7. Do not bring cash
Currently, the sophistication of technology has greatly helped everyday life. The existence of a debit card really helps facilitate daily transactions. Especially now that there are many applications that provide online transactions. Thus, a person no longer needs to carry large amounts of cash because this can provoke a crime.

8. Beware of strangers who try to approach
Although not all strangers are evil, one still needs to be vigilant when approached by strangers. This can be one of the criminals’ strategies to distract their victims. A crime that can occur is pickpocketing or hypnosis.

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