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Tips on Cleaning Your Sofa

Do you find it difficult to clean stains or dirt on your sofa? If so, you can read our tips in this article. In addition, if you are searching stressless recliners brisbane you can visit our website.

If the sofa material is not clean, use a mixture of water and vinegar
Vinegar contains chloric acid which is able to remove stubborn stains more effectively. For that, if the stain doesn’t disappear, you need to replace the cleaning mixture with vinegar and water. Repeat several times until the stain completely disappears from the sofa material. After drying, the cleaned sofa material can be evaporated using a steam iron. This method can also eliminate the fishy odor that sticks to the sofa material.

Remove sticking pet hair
Pet fur attached to the sofa material can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. But if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner at home, you can also apply a more conventional method. Use the sticky part of the tape to remove the hair from the sofa material.

Moisturizer for cleaning leather sofa material
Leather sofas may be more durable than other sofa materials, but leather sofas also require special care. If proper care is not taken, the leather sofa material is prone to peeling or tearing. Clean the surface of the sofa periodically like two or three months with a cloth soaked in water. Skin moisturizers that you use every day can also be used to keep the moisture of the sofa material. Avoid the use of chemical cleaners, because it can damage the leather sofa material. Leather sofa material should also not be in direct contact with sunlight, liquid, or open air. Therefore, the leather sofa should not be used as furniture for the outdoors.

Do not forget to immediately clean the stains that stick to the sofa. The longer it is left, the bigger the stain absorbs it into the sofa, the more difficult it is to remove. Beautify the interior design of your home with a wide selection of stylish and comfortable sofas available on our website.

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