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Tips for Doing Body Spa at Home

The benefits of body spa for beauty and health are quite a lot. Besides being able to be done at a beauty center, you can also do body spa yourself at home. By using tools and materials that are easy to find, you can already pamper yourself with a body spa or body spa at home or you can always visit med spa Scottsdale.

1. Create a Pleasant Room Ambience
The first tip for doing a body spa is that you can create a comfortable and pleasant home or room atmosphere. You can light a few candles to make the atmosphere in the room more calming. You can also add aromatherapy to make the atmosphere more relaxed.

2. Start with Facial Treatment
– First you need to wash your face
– Perform evaporation by soaking a towel in hot water and placing it on the face
– Let the face absorb steam for 5-6 minutes to open pores and remove dirt effectively
– Then, apply a face mask while massaging the skin for a while and let it sit
– Use a natural mask made from a mixture of banana and honey, yogurt and honey, or strawberries and oatmeal
– Cover the eyes with cucumber slices to refresh the eye area

3. Hair Care

Tips for doing a body spa at home next so that you can feel the benefits of a body spa for beauty and health, namely by doing hair care. Treat your hair with natural masks that can be obtained from natural ingredients. Besides being cheap, avocado and olive oil masks work to make hair shiny without allergies.

4. Body Massage
The next simple tip that you can do is to scrub your body with a scrub. In addition, you can also massage your body slowly to remove dead skin cells that have accumulated. Dead skin cells on the body not only make it dull, but also look dry. Therefore, use ingredients that help remove dead skin cells. For example using coffee grounds and milk. Gently rub and massage to exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving skin cleaner and softer.

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