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This Is What We Must Understand About 3D Printing

Perhaps many of us have often heard of 3D printing technology in the media, science fiction films, and on TV. Actually, this technology has long existed and is very popular in the world, thanks to its benefits for life. In fact, this technology is predicted to subvert the manufacturing industry in the future. As an example, you can visit us and check out the info about 3D laser printing developments in our website.

However, what we know about 3D printing is more in general areas, such as toys or entertainment, phone box printing, or portrait printing. The printer that is commonly used is a normal 3D printer. In terms of materials, plastic is the easiest material to print, so it is very effective and creates lots of cool results. But in reality, the benefits and uses are not great.

Industrial applications of 3D printing technology or 3D printing are generally divided into:

First, prototype designs for various types of products. Today, many design companies use 3D printing to send prototype data to their designs directly to customers. After customers print them in 3D, they can immediately discuss them for production. Design companies no longer need to make samples to show customers. This really saves time and labor.

The second is the mold. The mold application market is much bigger. Not for design but for production. Many companies need to open mold before mass production. The cost of this link is very high, and usually, it takes hundreds of millions to open a print.

The third is making parts. For example, one of the University of Science and Technology in China used it to form metal parts in 3D printing, such as China’s fifth-generation aircraft, the J-20 stealth fighter. Some basic components inside are made by this 3D printing.

For example again, in the field of vehicle maintenance. If your car needs special parts, then the stock is out of stock in the warehouse or needs to be sent from abroad which takes a long time, 3D printing can be a solution. With the help of 3D printing, they can immediately make it, so that it can be mounted to the car without having to wait anymore.

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