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This Is The History Of Bows And Crossbows In Sports Events

Bows or crossbows with arrows are common weapons that we use today. It’s quite an old-style weapon, but people still use it even today, either for hunting or sports events. Meanwhile, if you want to buy a budget crossbow with good quality, you might want to see the best crossbow for the money. However, before you learn how to use crossbows for a competition, do you know anything about the history of sports that use these old-style weapons?

Henry VIII, an English archer also likes betting. This is evidenced by developing archery as a match or competition. So that archery clubs began to stand in England 350 years ago, including “Tozophilite Society, Richmond Archer, The Royal Edhinburg Archery, and Fishbury Archer.”

Modern archery competitions usually use a “three and three” system based on English tradition, which is 3 arrows in one shot. This was introduced in the mid-1900. The oldest archery club in the United States was the Philadelphia group, which was founded in 1828. A year later there was a tournament/championship. The National Archery Association (NAA: National Archery Association) was formed in 1879. Followed later by the National Archery Field Archery and California in 1939.

The first time there was a tournament/championship, the field was restricted to show the population in closed conditions. In the XXth Olympics in Munich, West Germany which was held in the summer of 972 archery sports including sports that won gold medals and has been going on since 1920. Especially after the International Archery Federation was founded in 1930, championship archery sports became easier to control.

At that time many prizes in amateur championships that exceeded the rating limit and were received from the Olympic Committee. The potential archers are mostly young people. In this sport a lot of possibilities to develop archery agility in a relatively short time. The Nation Collegiate Archery Coaches Association, often bringing together clubs and sponsors in various national archery competitions, increasing the number of participants from 1.7 million in 1946 to more than 8 million in the 1970s. Thus, archery has become a modern world sport that is very popular among people.

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