Geneura Uncategorized This Is How To Measure A Building’s Facade For Video Mapping

This Is How To Measure A Building’s Facade For Video Mapping

When we have the concept of video mapping, the field becomes one of the main factors. Starting from the shape of the field, color, to the location and condition of the environment around the field. Sometimes when we have determined it all, we are still confused about how to measure the field to be projected later. So, what is the right method to measure the facade of a building for 3D Mapping?

Why do we have to measure the facade or the area that will be projected later?

Don’t we just have to project and then map our visuals directly? Yes, such a technique can be done if we project a small field.

But what if what we are projecting is a unique shaped building or landmark? Our visuals will be limited to the projection section and cannot explore more details of the facade’s shape. That is why measuring the facades or video mapping fields is very important to measure precisely according to the existing area or building.

Usually, to measure we need details such as plans, layouts, or building engineering drawings, especially the front and side views. Therefore, architectural disciplines can be included in the realm of this video mapping. Precision is key so you can reduce the risk of missed issues when creating and mapping visual content when entering the technical department.

Apart from the architectural design that may seem complicated and difficult, there is another way to measure manually that can be done even though it is not 100% precise. Initially, we can measure the width and height of the field. After that, further measurements are made on other detailed parts of the facade.

Measuring details can be closer and multiplied because the average door or window in one building has the same size. So stay in the position according to the existing. So, the size of the facade is the basis for making video mapping.

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