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This Is How To Catch Catfishes

Catfish are characterized by mustache and starch weapons which are actually additional fins. It has a nimble movement and likes to live in a group with a fast-breeding so that it can be chosen as a prospective business type. With a snaking motion intriguing a number of fishing hobbyists to catch him. Catfish have high protein content so they are often cultivated for consumption. When you fish catfish, use a hook that has a size of 8 to 10, or can be conditioned on the target, and hook 2 or 3 of these hooks on a fishing line that can attract fish the size of 3 kg and try the color is not bright. Use a buoy that is rather high to make it easier to see whether your fishing rod has been eaten or not by the fish. Additionally, it will be easier for you if you also use the right spinning reels for catfish.

Then you have to look for a place that has a fairly deep dug deep fishing pond. Even though when you just move to the catfish pond, you will immediately go around the fishing pond. But, it is probable that the fish will first approach the deeper ponds in the soil. If there are fishing spots on the edge of the pond-side by side with fish cages, usually catfish will approach the side. If you are fishing during the day, look for the position of a shady place and if there is a hole in the edge of the fishing pond, usually catfish hide around the place.

You should know that when fishing brings more than 2 kinds of bait that have been described because catfish tastes that quickly change in eating. After that, catfish that have no appetite, usually when near the bait of this fish only pass through the bait and not devour it. But, sometimes it touches your fishing line so that the buoy sways. In these conditions, you should immediately pull your fishing line with the hope that the hook is stuck on the body of the fish.

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