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Things You Should Know Before Deciding To Tattoo Eyebrows

You must often meet some people who choose to tattoo their eyebrows. Eyebrow tattoos are often the choice of many people, who feel less confident about the original shape of their eyebrows. Choosing an eyebrow tattoo is also considered more practical because it can reduce the time to draw eyebrows when applying makeup. Even though eyebrow tattoos already have obvious advantages, you shouldn’t rush into registering at the nearest salon, you can also use eyebrow tattoo pen.

There are several things about eyebrow tattoos that you should know first so that later you don’t regret it.

1. Eyebrow tattoos do not shave the original hair of the eyebrows
If you are worried that your real eyebrow hair will be shaved during the eyebrow tattoo process, then there’s no need to worry anymore. The process of tattooing your eyebrows will leave as much natural hair as possible. But if your eyebrows are messy, then some of the hair that is out of shape will indeed be shaved so that the results of your eyebrow tattoo look perfect.

2. Do not come to any salon
To get natural and long-lasting eyebrow tattoo results, you have to do your research first about the right salon. Don’t be easily tempted by the cheap prices given, so you don’t pay attention to the salon’s reputation.

3. The eyebrow tattoo process is not as painful as it seems
If you are worried that the eyebrow tattoo process will be very painful, then you can rest easy. Before starting the eyebrow tattoo process, your eyebrow area will definitely be given a pain-relieving cream. While it doesn’t completely eliminate the taste, the eyebrow tattoo process will only bring out a taste that is tolerable.

4. You can add pain relieving cream
If you are feeling a little sore in the process of tattooing your eyebrows, then don’t hesitate to ask for additional pain-relieving creams. Feel free to feel comfortable while tattooing your eyebrows.

5. You must know the shape of the eyebrow tattoo you want
Before doing an eyebrow tattoo, first, find out what kind of eyebrow you want. But make sure that the eyebrow shape you want doesn’t differ too much from the original shape of your eyebrow.

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