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These Factors Affect Fly-By-Wire Flight System

The main concern in a fly-by-wire system is resilience. When mechanical or hydraulic control systems are damaged, the damage usually occurs gradually. Whereas if damage occurs in the flight control computer system, the damage can cause the aircraft to become uncontrolled directly. Therefore, most fly-by-wire systems combine several computer systems in them (triplex, quadruplex, etc.). Besides that, if your plane’s FBW system ball screws are broken, we recommend you to repair them by hiring the best service.

Merging several computers is almost the same as mechanical or hydraulic backup or a combination of both. Modern FBW usually avoids the integration of control systems by adding separate and independent FBW channels. This is used to reduce the chance of total failure to a very small degree that is acceptable to the system.

In addition to resilience, this system also affected by signal processing. A digital fly-by-wire flight control system is almost the same as the analog system. However, signal processing is carried out by digital computers. This can increase flexibility because digital computers can accept input from any sensor in an aircraft. Electronic stability will also increase because the system is not so dependent on the values of important electrical components in an analog controller.

To process the incoming signal, the computer will read the position and run the input from the pilot controls and aircraft sensors so that the completion of the differential equation occurs to determine the appropriate command signal to drive the appropriate flight controls.

Furthermore, the system is also affected by flight seals. Digital programming is intended to open access to protection on the flight seal. The design of the aircraft is made with the right driving characteristics of the aircraft so that it remains within the limits of aerodynamics and aircraft structure. For example, when an aircraft is in dangerous conditions such as a sudden engine shutdown or a spinning plane, the computer in-flight protection mode can help the pilot control the aircraft. The software contained in a computer can be used to filter control inputs to avoid shocks.

Some fly by wire system applications on aircraft uses a lever that is next to or in the middle of the computer device. Side levers can make the steering process lighter, simpler and less prominent. It also can reduce the workload of pilots.

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