Geneura Uncategorized These Cutting Sticker Materials Can Beautify Your Stickers

These Cutting Sticker Materials Can Beautify Your Stickers

Vinyl paper is a sticker material that has a smooth and glossy surface. This material is water-resistant with a texture resembling plastic. Vinyl paper is the most common type of material used for stickers so it is very easy to find in the market. The price offered for stickers from this material is also cheap and it has a fairly good quality in the use of standard accessories and custom stickers.

Then, you also need to know phosphor glow. This type of sticker cutting material is generally used for traffic signs or other security purposes. Due to the nature of glow in the dark, this sticker can light up in dark conditions thanks to the basic ingredient in the form of phosphor which can emit light. Generally used on emergency stairs, emergency doors and other signs.

Then, you also need to know transparent stickers. In general, this sticker cutting material is used to give a transparent appearance and look clear by the design that has been made. It is also commonly used for stickers on glass walls or store displays so that customers can still see the appearance of the products in the store that are being displayed, even if there are stickers. For example, certain promotional or discount signs are affixed to the front of the store.

Next, this type of oracal sticker cutting material is often found in commercial printing places. Oracal is usually used for personal purposes, branding, and automotive purposes to coat the body of cars and motorcycles. The characteristic of this material is that it has a flexible texture and does not reflect light. You can choose a variety of sticker colour variants, ranging from patterned design colours to those with a metallic finish.

Furthermore, very strong adhesion is owned by this sticker material called spotlight. Scotlight stickers are used for long term marketing needs for the outdoors. This is the reason why the adhesive tends to be made stronger than other sticker materials. Attaching the spotlight sticker must also be done carefully so as not to leave a mark because the removal process is quite difficult when it is installed.

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