Geneura Uncategorized These 5 Types Of T-Shirts Are Suitable For Screen Printing

These 5 Types Of T-Shirts Are Suitable For Screen Printing

Screen printing can stick to the majority of fabric types. However, the effect will be different if applied to the wrong type of fabric. T-shirt material is the most suitable for cheap custom shirts screen printing.

The following are the types of t-shirts that are suitable for screen printing:

1. Tetron Cotton

Tetron cotton or known by the convection known as TC is a type of shirt that is quite suitable for screen printing. This type of material combines the dominant polyester material blended with cotton. Because the polyester content is larger, the TC material is rather hot and absorbs less sweat.

2. Hyget

This type of material is classified as very thin with tenuous fabric fibers. The price of this material is among the cheapest because the basic material is plastic material.

It’s because the price is very cheap, hyget material is a favorite for the production of large-screen printing t-shirts. Usually, the hyget material is chosen by those who will make party shirts or uniform shirts for certain events.

3. Cardet

Cardet material is usually used for sports uniforms because the character is similar to cotton. Cardet material has a tenuous fiber structure and is quite thick. Although easy to absorb sweat, this material is also very easy to stretch.

In addition to sports clothes, carpet material is also a choice to be used as T-shirts, or underwear.

4. Rayon

Rayon material or also called viscose is a top-class material. Usually rayon material contains a bit of the element polyester. However, rayon material has a smooth surface, very similar to cotton, even high-grade rayon is softer than cotton.

The color of the rayon material is usually very sharp and bright. In humid conditions, rayon is proven to provide high comfort. Because of the quality and luxurious feel when worn, rayon material is sold at a relatively high price tag. So it is less desirable for large-scale screen printing t-shirts.

5. Combed Cotton

Arguably, combed cotton is the best material for screen printing t-shirts. The majority of screen printing shirts on the market, especially in distributions, use this material. Combed cotton has a variation of grams, or thickness of the material. The thicker, the more expensive the price.

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