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There Are Two Types Of Displacement Compressor

One of the most commonly used compressors is the displacement compressor. You may be able to find them in various types of businesses. The displacement compressor is divided into two types, they are reciprocating and rotary screw. The reciprocating compressor is often referred to as a piston compressor. Aside from that, if you just need a simple type of compressor, perhaps you just need to check out the recommended air compressor for garage.

This compressor consists of three types, such as:

– Single-acting compressor, like a bicycle pump system with an almost constant outflow over a certain discharge pressure range.

– Dual acting compressor in double piston compressor its inlet and outlet ports are on both sides. Single and double piston compressors have a difference in their inlet and outlet ports.

– The diaphragm working system compressor is a classic type of piston and has similarities to a piston. In a piston compressor, the air that passes through the outlet and inlet is regulated by the piston, while in the diaphragm compressor uses a flexible membrane or diaphragm.

On the other hand, the rotary screw compressor uses a rotary mechanism, generally used to replace piston compressors. Rotary compressors can reach high-pressure air at larger volume conditions. Rotary compressors are more popular in the industry because they are much easier to maintain and last longer. Rotary compressors have several types, such as:

– The screw-type is a rotary screw compressor using a screw system that rotates so that the air inside is compressed. This compressor is widely used in large industries that require air with high air pressure.

– Vane type is a rotary vane compressor using a vane or blade which functions to compress the incoming air. The air entering the inlet port is compressed by a vane or blade that rotates in the casing towards the outlet side.

– Rotary scroll is an elegant compressor type. The scroll-type compressor uses an air winding system, the outer edge roll embraces the air and when the roller rotates, the air that is on the outer edge of the roll will move to the center space of the roll and cause compressed air in the center chamber before port outline.

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