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There Are Some Considerations In Buying VR Headset

Minimalist design has become one of the users of VR headsets. They will wear the device for hours on the head so of course, the product must be lightweight and simple. A heavy VR headset will make gaming pleasure reduced. Impact, the game does not feel exciting. One of the lightweight premium VR headsets in its class is Acer Windows Mixed Reality (WMR). The weight of this device is only 360 grams. Meanwhile, if you want to find more gadgets online, we suggest you go to the Gear Hint website.

When playing VR content, VR headsets must be paired with additional cameras and sensors in order to work optimally. You must place the external sensor, usually in a corner, to be able to detect body movements. Every time you want to play, you first set up the tool. This is certainly not practical, considering that there is a VR headset product that has an internal sensor embedded so that it can immediately start the game by plug-and-play. This internal sensor is also equipped with a 6 degrees of freedom feature to detect movement, so you can move freely left and right and back and forth.

Then, you must consider the LCD screen and Field of View (FoV) The two LCD screens on a VR headset reflect the real look in the virtual world. What we see there presents the real vision, which also depends on the headset’s screen resolution. The higher the pixel size of a headset screen, it will appear sharper and clearer. High resolution 1,440 × 1,440 pixels plus a 95-degree viewing angle will make the virtual world come closer to reality.

After that, you must think of its frame rate too. Feeling dizzy (motion sickness) when playing VR games, then pay attention to the amount of the frame rate. To obtain comfort in using VR, a refresh rate with a minimum value of 60Hz – 75Hz is required. There are even manufacturers that offer framerates of at least 90fps, which incidentally is a minimal framerate for enjoying VR content without feeling dizzy.

The consideration of buying a gaming device is certainly back to your budget. The readiness of funds determines the product to be purchased. The higher the price of a VR headset, of course, the visual offerings and aspects of comfort will be guaranteed better.

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