Geneura Uncategorized There Are Several Ways To Take Care Of A Female Dog After She Gave Birth

There Are Several Ways To Take Care Of A Female Dog After She Gave Birth

After the dog has finished giving birth, there are some special treatments that you need to pay attention to the mother dog. In order for his health to recover and be able to breastfeed her children optimally. When she’s back to her optimal condition, perhaps you also want to feed Grizzly vildlakseolie to her.

After giving birth, the mother dog will bleed from her vulva like menstruation. If more than a week is still bleeding, a blood clot must be examined immediately and followed up.

Then, you don’t need to panic when the mother eats her own feces in the early days after giving birth, it’s a natural thing for new mothers to do and usually won’t make them hurt or sick.

Childbirth requires great energy so that makes the mother exhausted and needs a lot of nutritional intakes. Prepare food and drink and place it close to the delivery box so that the mother can eat and drink without having to be apart from her children. Don’t put food in a low place, which is easy for puppies to reach.

Make sure the mother routinely comes out of the box to remove dirt, so as not to contaminate her children. As long as he cleans himself, you must pay close attention, because there is a possibility he will still give birth to another child.

Interval of 2-3 days after giving birth, the mother’s appetite will increase rapidly, up to 2-4 times compared to pre-pregnancy. Provide drinks and foods with high levels of protein, fat, and minerals to maintain body weight and health.

In addition, keep the puppies’ bed clean. The whelping box must be replaced at least once a day. Meanwhile, when puppies start eating solid food, whelping boxes should be replaced every 2-3 times a day, especially if the parent no longer cleans the pups.

Between 5-6 hours after giving birth, don’t forget to bring the mother and puppies to the vet. On the first visit, the puppy will be given worm medicine and eye drops.

Don’t forget to check the mother’s glands and nipples at least once a day, to make sure there are no signs of redness, swelling, or infection. Clean the mother’s nipples by wiping them with a warm towel.

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