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The Sensation Of Mexican Food Main Course Is Challenging

The main food has the characteristic of meeting the body’s daily nutritional needs. Eating the main course that is ordinary is not too special. But there is no harm if visiting Mexico and then enjoy the main food that is very extreme. Extreme in terms of food taste. The term extreme in Mexican cuisine perhaps makes you think of the finest Mexican food near me. Tasting food that is quite extreme can be one of its own challenges when in Mexico. Although there are quite a lot of other types of food, there are several types of food that have a challenging taste. If you take the time to eat these foods, then the culinary experience is guaranteed to be more complete. Besides that, the impression that will emerge when visiting Mexico will be stronger.

Food that has a challenging first taste that is worth a try is enchilada. This food is said to be extreme because of the spicy taste that bites when eaten. Enchiladas are actually no different from other types of food in Mexico. Enchiladas are made from tortilla bread filled with meat, potatoes and also vegetables and cheese then rolled. The difference is that enchiladas use a small size of tortilla bread. Then for the contents can vary according to taste. The challenge of this food is located in the splash of chili sauce on the tongue on tortilla bread.

Quesadilla is one of Mexico’s next favorite foods that are worth a try. Quesadilla actually comes from Spanish, which means a small object that has cheese. Giving the name quesadilla itself is not without reason. The reason is that quesadilla is made using fairly dominant cheese ingredients. The content of cheese in this food is very dominant so it is very appetizing. The main ingredient is either tortilla bread made from corn or made from flour. Then it is melted mozzarella cheese or sometimes it just uses cheese sauce. Then the other stuffing as a complement uses chicken and lettuce slices that make the food taste even sharper.

The dominance of the taste of the two main types of Mexican favorite foods actually makes the tongue feel increasingly challenged. The dominance of the taste of cheese and the dominance of the spicy taste will make the audience more addicted to eating it.

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