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The Purpose Of Each Type Of Maintenance

In terms of maintenance that should be done by operator c, there are two main jobs namely “maintenance” and “repair”. Maintenance is an activity to prevent damage, while repair is an action to repair the damage. In general, from the point of view of maintenance work, can be divided into two ways: planned and unplanned maintenance. Preventive maintenance prevents the occurrence of damage or the way the maintenance is planned for prevention (preventive). The scope of preventive work includes inspections, minor repairs, lubrication, and adjustment so that equipment or machines during operation are protected from damage.

Corrective maintenance, to repair and improve the condition of the facility/equipment so that it reaches an acceptable standard. In repairs, improvements can be made in such a way, such as making changes or modifications to the design to make the equipment better. Predictive maintenance is to determine the occurrence of changes or abnormalities in the physical condition or function of the equipment system. Usually, predictive maintenance is done with the help of the five senses or sophisticated monitoring tools.

Ongoing Maintenance, where maintenance work is carried out when the facility or equipment is in working condition. Ongoing maintenance is applied to equipment that must operate continuously in serving the production process. Maintenance after damage occurs (Breakdown Maintenance), carried out after damaging to the equipment, and repair must be prepared with spare parts, materials, tools, and labor. Emergency Maintenance is repairs that must be done immediately due to congestion or unexpected damage.

In addition to the types of maintenance mentioned above, there are also several other types of work that can be considered a type of maintenance work, such as planned replacement. With a predetermined time for replacing equipment with new equipment, it means that the industry does not need a long time to carry out maintenance, except for light basic maintenance such as lubrication and adjustment. When the equipment has deteriorated its condition is immediately replaced with a new one. This replacement method has advantages, among others, the factory always has new and ready-to-use equipment.

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