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The Importance Of Ball Screw Lubricants

A ball screw is one of the most efficient screws in the machine. Perhaps the largest overall advantage of a ball screw is that its high efficiencies that could reach over ninety percent while Acme lead screws average count are only around fifty percent or less. There also are minimum thermal effects. Backlash is eliminated through preloading and ball screws provide smooth movement over the total travel range. One downside to ball screws is that they need high levels of lubrication. Ball screws should be properly lubricated with the right type to forestall corrosion, cut back friction, extended in operation life and guarantee efficient operation. Without proper lubrication get ready to take it to the read full report before causing further damage.

Because balls crews are using a ball bearing system, they need lubrication to avoid metal-to-metal contact of the balls within the raceway. Whereas the lubrication alternative is either oil or grease, it’s advisable to avoid solid additives (such as graphite) as they’ll clog the recirculation system. Ball screws, particularly those in machine tools, typically need lubricants with EP additives to forestall excessive wear. The type of lubricant could also depend on the application because some will need food-grade or even a special lubricant to help it works smoothly. Make sure you are using the right lubricant to avoid damage just because you want to give the machine proper maintenance.

The make full quantities are mounted however the frequency of lubrication can vary betting on factors like the move cycle characteristics or contamination within the environment. Contaminated lubrication will increase friction and additionally, ball screws will fail if the balls travel over metal chips or dirt within the ball thread raceway. You need to use the lubricants that are recommended by machine manufactures to avoid the risks mentioned before. If you use telescopic covers or bellows, it will facilitate and keep ball screws clean even when it is used in environments with several contaminants.

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