Geneura Uncategorized The Energy That You Need To Gain Higher Spiritual Power

The Energy That You Need To Gain Higher Spiritual Power

The ideas I feel called to address moment have further to do with the cutlet pointing and condemn going on in the spiritual communities. Some persuasions believe in a mannish god and others in a womanlike goddess. There’s this masculine energy and feminine energy supposition that only one is correct and that the other belief is foolish and deceived. Each believes that if everyone would subscribe to their particular vision of power, also all would be right with the world.

There’s a lot of talk among the new age communities about a return to womanlike energy and a return to womanlike leadership. Ever, it’s believed that with women in charge we will ever clean up all of the world’s problems and magically bring civilization back to a place of beauty and harmony living off the land in a peaceful nurturing way. I indeed read an composition lately written by a new age man asking where we women were and when would we be coming back to fix the mess that he feels the men have made of our earth. Wow! What a big responsibility!

My first response to reading this masculine energy and feminine energy well written essay about how men had really squinched effects up with their rapacity and testosterone filled war like natures, was to say” It’s not my job to fix your mess! Where do you get off making a mess and also asking when someone differently is going to clean up? Why not ask the men when they are going to clean up after themselves?” Once I calmed down however, I got to allowing about the womanlike energy and how it works. I reanalyzed my answers and allowed that I should say,” womanlike energy by description is gentle and nurturing, healing and loving. You will not see us come charging in like soldiers gone to battle. Our goods will be subtle and beautiful like the breath blowing the leaves of a tree.”

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