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The Danger Of Damp Room, For Human Health

Do you feel the room around you feel stuffy? Or have you seen mold on the walls of your room? These are signs that your room is damp. Humidity occurs due to many factors including lack of air circulation in your room, there is water seepage in your room, buildings that are in a wet environment and others. The assistance from the water damage restoration service will greatly alleviate this problem.

For you, office workers, the condition of the clean air temperature will support the quality of your work, but if the conditions of your room are humid, it will interfere with your work. Your comfort and health become disturbed due to the humid air. Maybe it crossed your mind, what is air humidity.

Humidity or Relative Humidity is a unit to determine the amount of water vapor contained in the air, basically, the more water vapor contained in the air, the more humid the air. Humidity is expressed in percent (%) and the range of indoor humidity is considered to be 40-60% depending on where you live.

Potential Dangers of Humidity to the Human Body Air Humidity
Humidity has the potential to threaten the health of the human body, types of diseases such as cough, and flu are diseases that one of the factors is caused by humidity problems, in addition to flu and cough, the threat of respiratory infections can also occur.

The solution to overcome humidity
In overcoming the problem of air humidity can be done with the following solutions including:

1. Regulate Air Circulation
Regulate air circulation can help you overcome the emergence of humidity if in your room there is no air circulation then start to create ventilation to regulate air circulation.

2. Check the wall for leaking/seepage
Walls that are wet and cold can be one cause of the room to be moist, for that check your room walls.

3. Installing a Moisture Measurement (data logger humidity)
To make sure your room is humid or not, you can install a humidity gauge (data logger humidity), with this tool you can find out quickly about how much humidity your room is, so you can take other steps much faster.

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