Geneura Uncategorized Take advantage of the weekend, try to check the points in your car

Take advantage of the weekend, try to check the points in your car

After holidays and daily use, some of you may not have time to do car maintenance. Well, while the weekend could not hurt you to take the time. According to mobile tyre fitting essex, it’s time for you to check and maintain your vehicle so that it remains in optimal condition and is comfortable for daily use. It is necessary to check the condition of the vehicle because mobility during holidays is usually quite high by passing through various road conditions so that the condition must be checked again. You can easily check the condition of your vehicle independently and even in your spare time at home.

Vehicle owners can check the electrical system by starting by checking the condition of the battery in the engine, usually, there is an indicator in the battery that shows its working condition. If the indicator appears red, the battery must be replaced immediately because it is worn out, white means the battery must be charged immediately, and blue indicates the battery is still prime. After that, car owners can carry out inspections by activating some other components, such as turn signals, hazard lights, headlights, wipers, and head units. If all the components work well, then most likely the vehicle’s electrical system is in good and optimal condition.

Engine oil plays an important role to support engine performance, especially after being used for a long trip. The first easiest way to check engine oil is to check the odometer. When it is time to change engine oil, then immediately replace it with new oil. Next, by checking the condition of the engine oil through the dipstick. Through this dipstick, vehicle owners can check the quality and volume of oil from outside the engine. If the volume of oil is below the minimum limit, then similar oil can be added, and if it is solid black then it should be replaced.

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