Geneura Uncategorized Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Review – A Love Letter to Fans of the Series…or Is It?

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Review – A Love Letter to Fans of the Series…or Is It?

It’s easy to say that Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, the newest game from Square Enix, is different from what fans of the series were anticipating. Instead, the Final Fantasy universe is taken and given a dark and gritty twist in this Action RPG game by Team Ninja, with varying degrees of success.

You’ll be struck by the game’s gloomy graphics and awful atmosphere as soon as you begin playing. Every inch of Stranger of Paradise’s universe, which is dark and frightening and home to numerous scary animals, is depicted in exquisite detail. In addition, the characters are compelling, with each one having the impression of a real warrior with a distinctive fighting technique.

But Stranger of Paradise doesn’t only look good; the gameplay is where it excels. You can access many weapons and magic spells in the satisfying and quick battle system. Also, Final Fantasy Origin’s conflicts are more strategic and dynamic than ever before, thanks to the option to swap between three different characters on-the-fly.

The game’s narrative is when things start to get…off, though. Characters spew out strange and cryptic conversations that will leave you scratching your head, and the plot is confusing and challenging to follow. Even though there are many references to the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy Origin is making an undue effort to stand out and be unique, nearly to the point of becoming unrecognizable.

Yet the humor in Stranger of Paradise is what makes it stand out. From the clunky voice acting to the absurd cutscenes, the game is plenty of inadvertently funny moments. The game is entertaining and perplexing because the creators weren’t taking themselves too seriously.

Prepare to explore a world that is both dark and funny by grabbing your sword and stocking up on potions.

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