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Stock Investment Tips for Beginners

First, is to buy shares of companies whose products are used by the investor. The goal is so that investors can know the company’s performance. Second, do not see stock price movements too often so as not to become a psychological burden. Third, start with the small ones. You can visit our website to get the best Mago do mercado.

In stock investments, there are investors and traders. Investors are people who buy and sell long-term shares for the purpose of investing. They buy stocks that have prospects in the future with the stock of fundamental analysis. This analysis can be started by understanding the business process or SOP and the financial statements of the targeted companies. The fundamental analysis refers to observations of economic, political, and business development trends.

Whereas Traders are people who carry out stock trading activities in the short term. Traders use the momentum of fluctuations or up and down movements of stock prices to take profits. Traders use technical analysis as a basis for decision making in trading activities. Technical analysis is done by observing the ups and downs of stock prices in a certain time frame and information about the lowest and highest point.

You must look for one of the institutions in the capital market, which is a place for investors to buy or sell shares/securities. While the unit to buy shares is 1 lot (100 pieces).

Playing stock is now easier because it can be done online. While the profits from the stock business are pretty lucrative. If careful, the wealth of stock investors can multiply in a short time. However, to get a lot of profit from buying and selling shares in a short time, the risk is also great. Large amounts of money can suddenly evaporate if they make the wrong decision. Therefore, beginners are encouraged to choose stock investments in the long run. Because it is safer in terms of risk of loss and still promises large profits.

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