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Some Types Of Floor Carpets That Are Quite Interesting

Carpets are often needed to make the home atmosphere more comfortable. Not only that, but the carpet is also decorative to make the house look more beautiful. To get the right carpet, the most important thing is to know the types of carpet that exist. Besides, you also have to clean the carpet at least once a month so that comfort and beauty are maintained. You can wash the carpet at The Hills Carpet Cleaning, which has years of experience. For those of you who are looking to buy a carpet but are confused about making a choice, see information on the types of carpet that are commonly used for floors in a home.

1. Cotton Carpet
Cotton is usually found as a basic material for clothing, but cotton is also often used as a basic material for making carpets. Cotton carpet has a soft texture and is very suitable to be placed in a room that is rarely passed by people.

It has a soft and comfortable texture on the feet and is made from natural ingredients. So it is very rare for people to experience allergies due to this cotton carpet, but this type of carpet is not durable because it has a fiber that is more sensitive and easily absorbs liquids. To treat it, the carpet is enough to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or washed once a week.

2. Animal Skin Rugs
For those of you who want to have the impression of luxury and high value, animal skin rugs can be an option. The price is very expensive because this type of carpet does have its unique value. This type of carpet is made of dried and cleaned animal skin. Generally in the form of a sewn panel or woven strip.

Animal skin rugs can be the center of attention in a room and can be durable. But avoid damp areas because they can be damaged. For maintenance it’s quite easy, you only need to clean it with cleansing soap and a soft brush.

3. Sisal Carpet
Sisal carpets are made of plant material and have a rough texture. This carpet is very suitable to be placed outdoors or as a table mat. Its dense nature makes this type of carpet also suitable to be placed in a wet place such as a walking closet near the bathroom. For maintenance it is not necessary to use water, you only need to use a vacuum cleaner to clean it. Besides sisal carpet can also be weather resistant.

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