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Some Newborn Photo Concept

You can try making cute baby photos by trying the various concepts below at home, either independently or by using the services of a professional photographer. The main thing is to always make sure that whatever properties are used does not cause your little one to experience allergies or irritation. You can get the best newborn photo on Annie Kinser Photography.

Delivery Concepts or Special Packages
Quite unique, this concept uses the help of cardboard or box properties that are decorated in such a way that it gives the impression that your little one is a special package that has just arrived. Of course, because you use a box or cardboard, you have to cover it with a soft cloth and don’t make your little one allergic. First, prepare cardboard or box, then cover it with a soft cloth. Next, add a mesh textured fabric and a few pieces of cotton on the inside so that it shows the ‘package’ you received is very valuable. After the cardboard preparation is complete, place your little one on the inside of the box, and then add some cotton around your little one to give the impression that your little one has just been unboxed.

Tiny Roman Nobles
The next concept that can be used as a cute baby photo concept is the Roman nobility style. This style is widely used to show the ‘majesty’ aspect of the baby, thus giving the impression of luxury and majesty. The concept is simple but still elegant. The required properties are quite simple, a gold leaf crown, white cloth, and a cream-colored blanket as the base. Place the golden leaf crown on the head, then wrap the little one’s body with a soft white cloth but leave one part of the shoulder. Lay it on top of a cream-colored blanket, and take the best corner you can find. It’s good if you first make your little one smile so that the cute baby photos that are captured are cuter.

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