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Signs Of Pipe Damage

Just once a year, schedule thorough pipes and plumbing check but this should be done by a professional best plumbers in San Diego. But you also need to help maintain the pipes by being careful planting trees and plants. Tree roots and plants growing underground can damage pipes if planted too close together. Make sure trees and plants are placed at a safe distance from pipes and septic tanks in your yard. Or you could suffer from pipe damage. Here are the signs of pipe damage;

– The water heater tank is rusty or dewy. If the water heater tank feels dewy or rusty, call a repairman to check before corrosion occurs, the pipe leak is too large.

– The water discharge pressure is getting smaller. When the pressure of the water discharge decreases in just one faucet, usually the problem is only the blockage in the faucet channel. The build-up of sediment that causes blockages in the pipes can be easily cleaned with vinegar. If the water discharge pressure is getting lower in more than one or all of the faucets, this could be a sign of a bigger problem – such as a pipe leak in several places – if this is the case, contact a professional plumber immediately.

– The shower faucet or shower keeps dripping. Try to tighten it if there is a loose connection – if the faucet or shower water keeps dripping, then call a handyman.

– Bad smell. Drains and drains or faucets that emit a foul odor are a sign of a severe blockage of the plumbing with dirt – or a lack of ventilation. Unfortunately, if this happens, it cannot be handled alone, you must use the services of a plumber.

– Cloudy water. Brownish or yellowish cloudy water usually also indicates corrosion in the water pipes. Drinking water through rusty pipes is not good for health, even if it’s cooked – if this happens, contact a plumber immediately before the rust gets worse.

– The water bill suddenly went up drastically. If your water bill suddenly rises drastically even though there’s not been a significant spike in usage, this may be a sign of a water leak – this too should use the services of a professional plumber to find the leak and fix it.

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