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Side Effect Of Magic Mushroom

Magic mushroom has many names there that call it boomers, golden tops, gold caps, kabenzi mushrooms, or cubes. This type of mushroom has been widely known by people to look for momentary pleasure in hallucinating, making unconsciousness, pseudo pleasure and in fact, can suppress depression levels. This mushroom of psilocybe cubensis belongs to the genus psilocybin, psilo means bald, and cybe which means head, so the meaning of the fungus name is shaped like a round head. When a person consumes this fungus, psilocybin compounds will enter the body and when psilocybin is in the body will affect the performance of the brain that affects motor balance.

Active compounds contained in psilocybin such as LSD that produce changes in autonomic function, motor reflexes, behavior, and perception. It also affects digestion, blood flow, and other organ performance and causes tremors, nausea, and difficulty sleeping. Dangers are arising after eating these mushrooms without consulting first with professionals. Long-term danger from consuming mushrooms every day will cause psychiatric disorders such as crazy and epilepsy. It may seem trivial, but eating mushrooms continuously and continues to hallucinate it is difficult to distinguish between reality and illusion.

Indeed, there have been many cases of death caused by laughing mushrooms and this mushroom also has side effects that arise after eating it. It can cause the effect of forgetting something after eating mushrooms. As an example going to the room with the aim of sleeping but after arriving in the room will forget why to go to the room. Will hallucinate if you close your eyes. Hallucinations that appear can be funny and creepy. Unable to control speech when talking and often talk digressively. Side effects caused by hallucinations can also hear strange noises. Cause a feeling of laziness to move. Difficult to concentrate and focus on the object. For example, when looking at a tree or wall, the object will look like he was moving. That is why it is needed to be consumed from a trusted source and professional consult.

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