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Recognize, The Sign Of A Cat Who Is “Toward Death”

Death is a natural process that all living things are sure to experience. This is no exception for cats, which usually show symptoms a few days or hours beforehand. The following summarizes the characteristics of a dying cat that you can learn, so you can prepare to lose your beloved.

– His personality is starting to change

One of the most obvious symptoms that a dying cat experience is a change in personality as they age. You can see how the urine is and look a little depressed. Although it is not merely a sign that they are going to die, a personality change is a sign that something bad is happening.

– Not cleaning yourself

If they don’t do this habit, then there must be something wrong with them. Cats spend more time grooming.

– Vital changes in organs

The symptoms or characteristics of a cat about to die will be more pronounced when examined by a veterinarian. These signs usually include an abnormal heart rhythm, a body temperature that is too high or too low, and breathing problems. Also, your cat may experience diarrhea and unusual urine output.

– Stop eating

It can be difficult to determine whether your cat’s symptoms are at the point of being sick or about to die. But if they stop eating, including when you give him his favorite food, your cat is in a state of emergency. These symptoms include common symptoms that your cat is in trouble.

– Limp and smelly

These two things are signs that a cat is about to die. It’s very emergency when your cat is very lazy to move, especially the sluggish legs. If you are sluggish like this, then you should provide food very close to them. So when they are about to eat, they don’t have to move or walk far to reach it. Even when they are lethargic and lazy to eat, it will result in problems with their organs.

– Choose to hide

One of the characteristics of cats that want to die is that they choose to hide. Animals tend to isolate themselves when their lives are coming to an end. If they do not occupy their kennel, house, or place where they usually sleep and instead hide somewhere for a few days, it could be that your cat’s death is imminent.

– Withdrawing and losing interest

Cats will withdraw from their usual activities and also stay away from people including those who have them when they are about to die. A day or two before his death, cats don’t even want human company at all. They no longer greet you at the door, do not ask for food, let alone run around the house.

– Get more sleep

Cats don’t get much sleep, especially if they are very active cats. When your cat seems passive by spending a lot of time sleeping, it could be that the cat is approaching death. They may move, but not far from the bed.

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