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Reasons to Use Burner Phone

If you use a smartphone, you probably know how annoying spam calls and messages can be. Once marketers get your phone number, they start sending unwanted texts and calls to encourage us to buy their products. You may not find this problem in this type of phone. In case of purchasing any product, provide the burner phone disposable phone number. Just throw it away after the purchase process is complete.

Visit Other Countries Without Roaming Fees
Most SIM operators offer high roaming fees if we use them overseas. In such a case, buy this type of phone and use a compatible SIM card for your purpose. Make business calls and taxi services using this phone within the country to avoid large bills.

Take Your Phone to Dangerous Places
If you hike a mountain or want to take a boat, carrying a high-end smartphone is very risky. During that time, you can use this cheap burner phone. If you lose your phone, you can easily replace it without spending a lot of money.

Protect Your Main Phone from Theft or Confiscation
If you think someone might steal or break your phone while traveling, using a Burner Phone is a good idea. Even if someone confiscates your phone, the loss may not be that great.

Where to Get phone or SIM Burner
You can get Prepaid SIM cards and Burner phones from any convenience store and electronics retailer. Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and other similar stores will have a good collection of inexpensive devices or SIM-only plans that allow us to simply call or text. Prepaid SIM cards are often available at corner stores like 7-Eleven and drugstores like Rite Aid. Burner phones cost around $10 and $50 less depending on the features we expect. Most burners are only used for calling or texting.

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